Technical and Industry Expertise


Our spirit of the times "zeitgeist" is marked by an ever-changing environment, continuously growing information and data flows, as well as the fusion of systems and processes.

To meet these growing demands and hold the operating business of our customer’s flexibility and functionality, our team ensures a smooth integration of our system solutions with the existing technical environment.

Our scalable and high-grade integration capability modules provide the highest level of functionality, efficiency, and transparency.

Take advantage of our innovative spirit, high quality standards, and excellent customer service!


We provide a clear representation of the most up-to-date status of your operational messages, processes, user data warehouse, as well as data mining to provide quick insights and ensure reliable reports.

The data warehouse application collects and consolidates information at regular intervals from the operating system. From the very first step, both the operational messages and coupled processes are managed and archived as sequences in order to make the entire business process of your company visible for all departments.


We not only use the 2000, 2005 and 2008 SQL Server versions as database, but also utilize functions such as Integration Services (formerly Data Transformation Services), Analysis Services, and Reporting Services. In complex ETL processes, we will manage your data for processes, interfaces, and reports, both in list and pivot form.

In the data warehouse staging area distributed data will be structured and brought togehter as a basis for evaluations, business analysis, reporting and decision support.


Our processes for mass data processing are designed in the staging and OLAP department to find possibilities for clustering both hardware and data systems as well to provide fast reacting, reliable figures.

Using Interfaces, we provide your special applications with necessary data directly from a Interim (temporary) database, a web service or file storage - according to your requirements.

With a service-oriented architecture (SOA), we securely provide flexibility and adaptability to your distributed data processing. Since all applications are integrated into the SOA architecture, the appropriate users have instant access to all running processes and relevant events. For example, if there are any deviations in the production or quality control, reaction can be both flexible and instantaneous.

The web service allows automated data exchange among software systems and call functions on remote computers. By means of cluster solutions (a combination of several computers), both the computing capacity and availability increase significantly. The option of having coordinated access to several computers on a common database will therefore avoid inconsistency.


23.05. 2018

Datenschutzbestimmungen Allgemein

Datenschutzerklärung Diese Datenschutzerklärung klärt Sie über die Art, den Umfang und Zweck der Verarbeitung von personenbezogenen Daten (nachfolgend kurz „Daten“) innerhalb unseres Onlineangebotes und der mit...
"Vordefinierte Checklisten führen den User durch die Arbeitsabläufe. Dadurch werden Bearbeitungszeiten reduziert und Fehler minimiert. Die Vielfalt an Auswertungsmöglichkeiten vereinfacht die Statistik und optimiert das Controlling der Arbeitsabläufe ..." ("Predefined checklists guide the user through the processes. This will reduce processing times and will minimize errors as well. The variety of reporting options simplifies the statistics and optimizes the work processes ...

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