We have set up a ticketing system especially for our customers, in which a browser application developed by us allows you online collection of messages in style form.

A message that you have here is run independently of your message processing status in the view chronological list of the ticket system. The company´s support of Nettropolis AG will take care of your message.

Please click on the link below.

ticket system



For direct assistance or remote service please download the following Netviewer. This allows our employees a quick online support.

download netviewer


"Alle Arbeitsabläufe werden transparent dargestellt, wobei sich die Durchlaufzeiten beträchtlich reduziert haben und eine signifikante Entlastung unseres Leitstellenpersonals erreicht werden konnte ..." ("All work processes were represented transparently, with the runtimes having been reduced significantly, providíng our control room staff with a significant relief...")

~ HEAG mobilo GmbH, Darmstadt