Publish and manage operting data.


Manage and publish public data contents and passenger information through controlled information chains and using the company´s multimedia platforms. With Nettro®CMS create and edit your text, and create templates with text modules, recorded announcement texts and banner ads. They generate lines, schedule deviation, construction sites, vehicle disorders, situations as well as section and vehicle-based passenger information in the appropriate multimedia format. With Nettro®CMS you can send your marketing materials, press releases, advertisements for third parties, etc. any time via the Internet, DPI (vehicle | stops) or print them in a variety of output media. Earn money through time control advertising with Nettro®CMS.


  • The deposit of templates enables cost- and time-savings and avoids additional costs for the generation of contents
  • Existing information is dynamically enhanced with predefined text modules and/or with the information-based operating messages
  • Connection to "News Portal"
  • Production of passenger information like schedule deviations, construction sites, disturbances
  • Production of marketing materials and press releases
  • Advertising for third parties, e.g. using DPI displays in the metro vehicles
  • Support of business processes, such as billing
  • Filing information, pictures and documents in various formats
  • Deposit and determination for intervals and orders (e.g. for advertising)
  • Definition of time windows with pre-connection-record date and expiration date for information on DPI
  • Deposit of time-dependent and master data dependent information
  • Interfaces to VDV 453, VDV 454 and project-specific interfaces

Product Overview

"Vordefinierte Checklisten führen den User durch die Arbeitsabläufe. Dadurch werden Bearbeitungszeiten reduziert und Fehler minimiert. Die Vielfalt an Auswertungsmöglichkeiten vereinfacht die Statistik und optimiert das Controlling der Arbeitsabläufe ..." ("Predefined checklists guide the user through the processes. This will reduce processing times and will minimize errors as well. The variety of reporting options simplifies the statistics and optimizes the work processes ...

~ Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich VBZ, CH-Zürich