Present and analyze operational data.


The module Nettro®AWS is an intuitive tool to represents in detail the status of the company via reports, diagrams and Pivot views. It allows a complete analysis and research functions of all available data in the system, such as disturbances in line courses, accidents, etc. At any time, it can be integrated with other modules in the Nettropolis product family, with a few simple steps allowing a quick overview in regard to statistics and analysis. With integrated report sending, all parties will be automatically provided with important operational data.

Nettro®AWS       Nettro®AWS


  • Data warehouse functionality - collects and structures data from the operating system
  • Ad hoc reports - after fixed or user-defined criteria
  • Report generation based on multiple data sources and databases (e.g. Nettro®BME, ITCS, BI, Oracle, Excel)
  • Database content is available according to permissions (authorization-controlled)
  • Export of reports in the formats PDF, DOC, RTF, CSV, XLS and XML
  • Designer functions for reports, graphics and tables with preview option
  • Cyclical creation of reports with dispatch by email, fax, SMS or storage in the data system

Our aim is to offer the right system solution for any company size. Nettropolis provides the corresponding function modules in different available packages:

STANDARD version for use in small and medium sized enterprises; ADVANCED version as a comprehensive solution in large enterprises. For more information about the types of products please contact us via the contact form.

And they all have one thing in common: all modules and packages can always be changed to STANDARD and ADVANCED and can be integrated into existing solutions.

Product Overview

"Alle Arbeitsabläufe werden transparent dargestellt, wobei sich die Durchlaufzeiten beträchtlich reduziert haben und eine signifikante Entlastung unseres Leitstellenpersonals erreicht werden konnte ..." ("All work processes were represented transparently, with the runtimes having been reduced significantly, providíng our control room staff with a significant relief...")

~ HEAG mobilo GmbH, Darmstadt