Record and manage operational message.


Whether a technician, management personnel, driver or customer service center, whether based on operation control centers, traffic courses, incidents, or construction sites and even accidents or major events – the Nettro®BME model allows for complete information to be received, in real time and and up-to-date, and as needed.

Nettro®BME links all the departments and supports overall collaboration, but of course under authorization control. The comprehensive coverage of the processes serves as a data base for integrated analyses. With unique system of Nettro®BME module, you can pull up a fast and clearly laid out basis for decision making for business and strategic measures.

Nettro®BME       bme_1_k


  • Operational message are recorded and displayed in event-related categories - differentiated by different colors based on processing status
  • The data collection is made interactively by the user or automatically supported by subsystems such as ITCS, technical disorder systems, etc.
  • Communication via mail, fax, landline or mobile phone
  • Simultaneous access to individual operating message by multiple users
  • Block functions for attachments, forms or operational messages
  • Roles and access authorization down to individual fields levels
  • For flexible valuations, all list views can be grouped and filtered interactively, or, for example, exported directly to Excel
  • Filtered display according to specific values, such as vehicle, line, course, station, department, depot, company branch, etc.
  • Statistical calculation, editing, and evaluation of operational events
  • Individual configuration of the user interface - category based or role-related
  • Adaption of the data model to the Mask Designer

Our aim is to offer the right system solution for any company size. Nettropolis provides the corresponding function modules in different available packages:

Product type START und BASIS - for use in small businesses under the motto "unpack, install and start". Advanced versions of STANDARD and ADVANCED are used in medium and large businesses as comprehensive solutions. For more information about the types of products please contact us via the contact form.

And they all have one thing in common: all modules and packages can always be changed to STANDARD and ADVANCED and can be integrated into existing solutions.

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