Control and manage all stations & stops information.


The module Nettro®HMS is a specific development for transport companies. It allows the representation of all relevant information about the respective stops. This can assign and store desired and required criteria, tasks, documents and actions, whether it can be maintenance cycles, route plans, equipment lists, appointment or task plans, technical descriptions, pictures, or patrols. Also your documentation reports can be easily generated, edited, exported, sent or archived in different formats

Nettro®HMS       hms_1_k


  • Clear management. editing and archiving of stop information
  • Integrated Mask desinger, incl. toolbox
  • Integrated Workflow Management System
  • Client-server architecture, mulitlayer application with DB server, application servers and client
  • Grouping and filtering function for direct and flexible measurement and research
  • Integrated report designer to create new report templates for service and work instructions as well as printing templates for design, text and field assignment
  • Export or print of the adjusted filter views (e.g. Excel) or fixed data
  • Reports can be generated, sent by email, exported or archived in various formats (PDF, DOC, RTF, CSV; XLS, XML)
  • Upwards compatible to Nettro®IDM due to the data model

Product Overview


23.05. 2018

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"Sowohl die Betriebsmeldungen in Ihrem Unternehmen als auch die damit gekoppelten Aktionen und Betriebsabläufe werden vom ersten Schritt bis zur Umsetzung in Statistikdaten mit Nettro®BME ausgeführt, verwaltet und archiviert. Das ist Effizienzsteigerung pur und reduziert erheblich die Durchlaufzeiten ..." ("Both the operational messages in your company and the resulting attached actions and operations are executed, managed, and archived from the first step to implementation,...

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