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AVG Ettlingen

Albtal-Verkehrs-Gesellschaft mbH

Since 1898, the Albtalbahn combined (connected) Karlsruhe over Rüppurr with Ettlingen Herrenalb and in 1900, reached Pforzheim over Ittersbach. Currently, the business domain encompasses the city and tram business, and the train and tram infrastructure, as well as the transport and tourism industry.



The Bochum-Gelsenkirchener Straßenbahnen AG

With over 140 million passengers and approx. 2.200 employees BOGESTRA is one of the largest public transport operators in the Ruhr area. The operating district stretches to cities of Bochum, Gelsenkirchen, Herne, Hattingen, Witten and Castrop-Rauxel. BOGESTRA’s services with some 74 lines and 1.280 stops are thus being used by over one million inhabitants of this metropolitan area

bvb basler_verkehrs-betriebe

Basler Verkehrs-Betriebe

The Basler Verkehrs-Betriebe (BVB) was founded in 1895 and operates in Basel-City and in many places in the region about 160 km tram and bus lines. Every year, the BVB transported 126 million passengers, more than 337 000 passengers in a day. Overall, the BVB operates on 8 tram lines 122 tram motor vehicles and 74 trailers and also 91 buses on 12 bus lines.

BVG Berlin

Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe

The Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe is a modern service company that provides innovative strategies for the challenges of the future. Network density and the quality of Berlin's public transport is at an all time high according to international standard, and has reached top position with the recently introduced continuous underground night traffic.

HEAG Darmstadt

HEAG mobilo GmbH

The HEAG mobilo is the lead company in the transport sector in HEAG Group. Their main task is to ensure mobility in the all region. The HEAG mobilo GmbH transports close to 9 tram and bus routes each year and about 36 million passengers, being the leading mobility service provider in Southern Hesse.

DVG Duisburg

Duisburger Verkehrsgesellschaft AG

Located at the junction of the Rhine and Ruhr rivers, Duisburg is a strategic node in the networks of supra-regional transport and trade routes. Since its beginnings in 1881 with the horse-drawn tram, about 1,000 employees today with modern buses, trams and subways see to it that annually approximately 50 million passengers safely reach their destination.

EVAG Essen

Essener Verkehrs-AG

With Essener Verkehrs-AG (EVAG) ensures the welfare of the city and the mobility of citizens by connecting the various parts of the city via bus and train. The metro and tram line U18-107 are easily accessible by the neighbouring cities of Mülheim and Gelsenkirchen.

KVB Köln

Kölner Verkehrs-Betriebe AG

The Kölner Verkehrs-Betrieb AG (KVB) is one of the largest public transport companies in the Federal Republic of Germany. More than 850,000 people are on the road every day with the buses and trams of the KVB. This volume of passengers handled the KVB with 368 trams and more than 300 buses.

KVG Kassel

Kassler Verkehrs-Gesellschaft AG

KVG AG belongs to the Kassler Verkehrs- und Versorgungs-GmbH, which is part of the city of Kassel. KVG AG existence since 1897. With 9 trams and 28 bus lines, KVG grants access to the city of Kassel and the surrounding region in an environmentally friendly way. 83 buses and 61 Street-trains trams are on the road every day.

KVV Karlsruhe

Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund GmbH

Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund - Karlsruhe´s rail and bus transport is the third largest public transportation company in Baden-Wuerttemberg. Since its founding in 1994, passenger numbers have risen steadily. Among the trains and buses, the KVV has implemented more than 160 million trips a year.

Münchner Verkehrsgeselschaft mbh

MVG strengths are modern, environmentally-friendly vehicles with disabled access, well-trained staff and extensive information and services. Altogether 576 Underground carriages, 95 trams and 231 buses from the MVG subsidiary Munich Stadtwerke GmbH (SWM), are deployed for the second largest community transport business in Germany.

MVG Mühlheim

Mülheimer Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH

Currently, there are four MVG trams, one light-rail and 13 omnibus lines. At night, through the network are one tram, 5 bus lines and 10 taxi buses on the road for all the passengers. In 2005, MVG’s vehicles have driven approximately 5.5 million kilometres. During this period, approximately 27.9 million passengers were transported.

RNV Rhein-Neckar


The RNV is the first major traffic alliance that was formed by several cities together and also is active in two federal states. The approximately 200 km long railway network is the longest single meter-gauge network in Germany. With more than 1800 employees, 190 trams and light rail vehicles, 127 owned buses and 70 leased, RNV offers an attractive public transport and makes an important contribution to climate protection.


swa Stadtwerke Augsburg

Stadtwerke Augsburg (swa) is the third largest municipal service company in Bavaria. With approximately 1,800 employees, swa takes care of more than 350,000 people in the Augsburg area. The swa is a 100 percent subsidiary of the city of Augsburg.


Stadtwerke Oberhausen GmbH

The STOAG runs a hierarchical structured transport network, direct lines, and attractive clocking, and modern trams and buses. On the central public transport route around 40 million passengers a year can travel congestion-free and stress free.



Stadtwerke Erfurt Gruppe | Erfurter Verkehrsbetriebe AG

For over 125 years, EVAG  provides for mobility in Erfurt and the regions surrounding Sömmerda, Weimarer Land, Imkreis and Gotha with 6 light rail vehicles, 24 city buses, 8 regional buses, 7 night lines and 2 school buses. Vehicle, workshops and other infrastructure facilities are built with up-to-date technology and create the basis for an attractive and efficient public transport choice for the capital of Thuringia.

Freiburger Verkehrs AG

Mehr als 75 Millionen Einsteiger nutzen jährlich die Stadtbahnen und Busse der VAG. Im Durchschnitt sind das 206.000 Fahrgäste am Tag, die die Umwelt von Abgasen und Verkehrslärm entlasten!

VAG Nürnberg

Verkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft Nürnberg

The VAG is a 100 percent subsidiary of Städtische Werke Nürnberg GmbH (StWN) and thus the city of Nuremberg. The VAG Nuremberg stands for safety, reliability, innovation and customer focus in public transport in the Greater Nuremberg area and neighbouring cities like Furth and Erlangen, and many more.

VBK Karlsruhe

Verkehrsbetriebe Karlsruhe

The VBK - Verkehrsbetriebe Karlsruhe is the transport company in Karlsruhe. It belongs to the KVVH Group, the Karlsruhe Versorgungs-, Verkehrs- und Hafen GmbH, and is subsidiary of the city of Karlsruhe.

VBZ Zürich

Züricher Verkehrsbetriebe

Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich provides transportation for people in and around Zurich with high performance and currently develops this system further. With around 313 railed vehicles and 261 buses VBZ ensures quality and mobility for its passengers.

VGF Frankfurt

Verkehrs-Gesellschaft Frankfurt am Main

The VGF has seven subway lines, nine tram lines and 24 bus lines, operating a total of 458 stops. The VGF has 600 vehicles, therefore at rush hours up to 380 vehicles and vehicle combinations on a route length of 281 kilometres.

VIA Duisburg-Mühlheim-Essen

VIA Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH

VIA stands for 3 cities, 3 companies, 3.400 employees as well as 581 000 daily passengers. VIA is a comprehensive municipal service company in the town union of Duisburg, Mülheim on Ruhr and the city of Essen.

ViP Potsdam

Verkehrsbetrieb Potsdam GmbH

Each year about 25 million passengers use the trains and buses in the ViP. The lines of the ViP are with the other transport carrier of public transport closely linked. With 87 vehicles and 627 stations and around 312 line km, ViP offers its passengers a very attractive offer for public transport.

Zugerland Verkerhsbetriebe

The Zugerland Verkehrsbetriebe is responsible for managing four major transport companies in Kanton Zug: Zugerbergbahn, Schifffahrt Zugersee und Ägerisee und Zugerland Reisen.

ZVV Zürich

Züricher Verkehrsverbund

The ZVV and its partners have set themselves the goal of enhancing the attractiveness of public transport in the living and economic areas of Zurich. These include rail, bus and train transportation and the shipping traffic.



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