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Since 1998, Nettropolis AG deals with the planning, development and support of IT solutions for transportation and industrial processes, as well as control and safety technologies.
Our service portfolio includes those developed by our industry-standard solutions, custom software development, system integration, as well as the support of IT systems and customer oriented consulting services.
Our system solutions are used primarily in the public transport, energy service and logistics sectors, but are also applicable to the electrical industry.




Haven´t found the right job for you? Nevertheless, you can send us your innovative application, so we can get in contact with you if a position opens. Please note that the more revealing your application is so much better the chance will be that we can offer you the right job. We would like to know form you:

  • Why are you interested in the Nettropolis AG and in the job offer?
  • What are your carrier expectations in the middle-term?
  • What skills qualify you for the desired postion?

Please include following documents in your application:

  • a personal form letter which descripes your interest for this special field
  • a curriculum vitae (CV) with your educational and professional stations and if any additional qualifications
  • copies of all relevant documents (school, training, higher education/university, occupation, work experience/internships, additonal qualifications)
  • if you still study please send us a a provisional transcript of your scores (otherwise please send us a copy of your performance record)



Contact for career opportunities at Nettropolis AG:         

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