Traffic Engineering Transportation Technology


With our Nettro®IGP family of products, we handle the diverse operational requirements of transport companies.

Whether you need recording operational messages, handling of incidents, measurement or evaluation of operational quality or integration of control center information and geographical representations, with the Nettropolis AG product suite, you can find your individual and custom-fit solution!

Our system is based on the latest requirements of the VDV's, the LNG's /benefactor, as well as the transport services itself. Based on the most up-to-date technology and incorporating your own individual requirements, we develop customized modules and standard systems.

Leading transportation companies, inside the country (at home) and abroad, already trust Nettropolis AG’s solutions. Profit from our high-quality solution potential!

Product Overview




In addition to the sector of traffic engineering, Nettropolis AG has specialized itself in industry specific software solutions. We develop custom solutions for the enterprise comprehensive application, adapted to our customer’s demands.

Our extensive Portfolio enables our customers to take advantage of already customized applications.

As a specialist for individual and interface programming, we can always respond to individual customers' specific needs and incorporate them in our developments.

To be able to respond quickly and flexibly to changing conditions, we offer our customers individual function packages. This way, you are at any time able to link our modular solutions with other modules in the IGP family or with other software applications based on your criteria. The Industry-specific processes of your business would easily gain better performance and efficiency.

Project Overview


Control and Safety Technology


Nettropolis AG’s product portfolio does not only provide greater security and efficiency in public transport and industry, but also in the areas of control and security technology.

Whether for public authorities/municipalities, control room (BOS units "Emergency services", airport operators, power plants) or for the general supervision of buildings and facilities, with Nettropolis AG’s product suite, every specific need can be operated both optimally and accurately.

Our system implementations guarantee a holistic solution, from the networking of various organizations and enterprises up to the automated routing of measures, checklists and reporting chains. For example, the message recording, relaying respective information to relative responsible positions, as well as data analysis with Nettro®BME are captured in a single holistic process.

The open architecture and standardized interface allows not only the communication with devices and systems from other manufacturers, but at the same time guarantees you maximum flexibility and sustainability from our solutions.

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