Display and compare operational quality.


With the module Nettro®BQE you have your business quality and performance under control. Key figures can be displayed, deposited and exported in a tabular and graphical format in a clear cockpit view. Predefined key data for monitoring loose in overruns with automatic actions will enable the company to respond promptly in case of unwanted developments. The quality of performance and its distribution can be at any time or date brought into clear view both immediately and in relation. For this reason, this module creates methodological certainty and transparency in your business processes and quality management.

 Nettro®BQE       bqe_k


  • Linking all operation available data through the integration of external data, such as message recording, determination of performance, ITCS, ERP systems, BMS systems, as well as systems used in customer services
  • Automatic report delivery to predefined recipients, for example, when limits are exceeded
  • Export and archiving of reports and graphs in different formats
  • Evaluation and statistic views as well as reports can be chronologically opened upstream and the user circle is visualized by the deadline
  • Individual quality measurements can be geo-referenced easily and quickly displayed
  • Workflow management system – for updating and synchronizing existing standards, measurements, graphic presentations and full-scale analysis representation

Product Overview


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"Vordefinierte Checklisten führen den User durch die Arbeitsabläufe. Dadurch werden Bearbeitungszeiten reduziert und Fehler minimiert. Die Vielfalt an Auswertungsmöglichkeiten vereinfacht die Statistik und optimiert das Controlling der Arbeitsabläufe ..." ("Predefined checklists guide the user through the processes. This will reduce processing times and will minimize errors as well. The variety of reporting options simplifies the statistics and optimizes the work processes ...

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