Analyze and visualize spatial data.


The module Nettro®GIS is a geographic information system, in which any spatial data and location-based data can be used, analyzed, given out and presented. Based on transaction data, master or infrastructure data, this option allows all operating information, such as network plan, bus stops, etc. to be represented as a geo-reference. Dynamic views, such as emergency vehicles, can also be followed. Also events and messages such as disorders or accidents can be visualized (location-based) on multiple maps..

gis_2010_k       Nettro®GIS


  • Interaction with all Nettro®IGP family modules, external data sources (e.g. connection via Nettro®LIS), etc. to have access to all location-based data from the company
  • Central application for interactive activities (mapping and retrieval of maps)
  • System-integrated GEO-data information module
  • Role and authorization control for the system modules and its functions via a centralized and flexible management console, according to the user profile
  • Integrated GIS-generator for the „online“ und „offline mode of operation“
  • Editor for import and processing data in formats such as PDF, GIF, JPEG, BMP or CAD

Product Overview


23.05. 2018

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"Sowohl die Betriebsmeldungen in Ihrem Unternehmen als auch die damit gekoppelten Aktionen und Betriebsabläufe werden vom ersten Schritt bis zur Umsetzung in Statistikdaten mit Nettro®BME ausgeführt, verwaltet und archiviert. Das ist Effizienzsteigerung pur und reduziert erheblich die Durchlaufzeiten ..." ("Both the operational messages in your company and the resulting attached actions and operations are executed, managed, and archived from the first step to implementation,...

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