Provide an manage infrastructure data.


With Nettro®IDM, Nettropolis AG realized the world´s first IDMVU system, according to the trendsetting research project of the VDV 456. IDMVU stands for software-based infrastructure data management with a focus for use in transport services (transportation companies). For this, all data related to infrastructure objects, such as railway stations, points, line segments, power, control and safety systems, stations, structures, cables, telecommunications, signal and engineering drawings, depots, and status data, operational data and business data are connected together and provided in a uniform way by a central IT system. Cross-company processes are supported through the integrated GIS functionality into the IDMVU application ensuring a selective and controlled delivery of all infrastructure authorized data in a spatial representation.

  Nettro®IDM       idm_2_k


  • Bidirectional exchange interface IDM-GML to IDM 3.0.1 version, allows the integration of existing and future special applications through standardized structure of interfaces
  • Spatial representation facilitates access to data
  • GIS component provides the possibility of Internet services (map services) to use fully integrated and authorization controlled
  • Thematic evaluations such as status information of infrastructure
  • Reduce the life cycle cost LCC (design, construction, operation, maintenance and disposal) of the infrastructure
  • Uniform data for internal and external communications via a web service or data pool
  • Well-founded corporate decisions based on consistent data
  • Future-proof, more systematic dealings with the rising flood of data
  • Intensified demand-oriented maintenance measures
  • Faster and more efficient troubleshooting
  • Sustainable improvement of data and processes, therefore more economic processes
  • Early warning system for the detection of critical conflict and focal points
  • Identify indicators for analysis and further developments (e.g. types) and for maintenance concepts and strategies

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