Synchronize and capture operating data mobile.


The module Nettro®MDE ensures the mobile capturing of operating messages and attaching pictures or video via PDA on the way. The user has all the fields available for the rapid acquisition and reporting needs of local importance. All messages are displayed in current processing status. As with Nettro®WIF, all departments, contractors and concessionaires will be involved online in the central instance of Nettro®BME - location-independent. However, control centers, workshops, and human resources, would communicate with each other by Nettro®MDE on a central platform depending on your access rights.

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  • Integrated calendar function and plausibility avoid creating multiple identical operations, so each message is collected and recorded automatically with the nahme of the users and the exacat time
  • Data access and view to predefined user rights, by user name and password authentication
  • Workflow-driven communication and notification automate the distribution of information
  • Operation message recording and process control are independent of ITCS, subway control systems or technical incident report
  • All roles and permissions can be customized wiht Nettro®IGP

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23.05. 2018

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"Alle Arbeitsabläufe werden transparent dargestellt, wobei sich die Durchlaufzeiten beträchtlich reduziert haben und eine signifikante Entlastung unseres Leitstellenpersonals erreicht werden konnte ..." ("All work processes were represented transparently, with the runtimes having been reduced significantly, providíng our control room staff with a significant relief...")

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